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Tips For Laser Tattoo Removal

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You might have gotten a tattoo one night when you'd had a little bit too much to drink and now regret it. However, you might not know how to get rid of your undesired tattoo. One option is laser tattoo removal, which is where lasers are fired at the pigment in your skin to rapidly lighten the tattoo. Here are some tips for laser tattoo removal.

1. Manage Expectations

Before you actually commit to laser tattoo removal, make sure that you get a consultation with the technician first. You want the technician to look at your tattoo and tell you whether or not your tattoo is actually going to be able to be permanently removed, or if laser tattoo removal is only going to lighten it. If the tattoo can only be lightened as a result of laser tattoo removal, you might want to consider other options. 

The next expectation that you need to manage is how long the overall process will take. Laser tattoo removal can take multiple sessions several weeks apart. If you are trying to have your tattoo removed before a certain event is happening and you start two weeks before that event, you might have not given yourself enough time to get your tattoo fully removed. Manage your expectations by finding out how long the overall process is truly going to take.

2. Understand Skin Changes

There is a chance that the act of getting a tattoo scarred the skin underneath the ink. When you get the pigment removed through laser tattoo removal, you might find that the skin that used to be covered in pigment looks different than the rest of your skin. It might look as though the shadow of your tattoo still remains. Be sure that you talk to your tattoo removal technician about the possibility of that happening and the steps that you can take to reduce those effects.

3. Apply Sunscreen Before and After

Before and after each laser tattoo removal appointment, make sure that you apply sunscreen. The lasers from the tattoo removal process will be similar to the rays of the sun in the fact that they can cause your skin to change color. You can resolve this by applying sunscreen that will block your skin from these changes. Be sure that you apply it after the process has occurred as well in order to be sure that your skin, which might be more susceptible to the sun's rays, does not get burnt.

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