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8 Ways To Protect Your Sensitive Skin During Cancer Treatment

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During treatment for skin cancer, your skin can be extremely sensitive. You are more likely to experience skin problems, such as rashes, inflammation, and redness. To lessen the effect of the treatment on your skin and to protect it from other elements that could potentially aggravate the sensitivity, here are a few things you can do. 

  1. Avoid scented skin care products. The alcohol that is often found in scented products can aggravate your condition. Read the labels of products and try to stick with fragrance-free products.  

  2. Choose moisturizer or ointments. Lotion is usually a good moisturizer for the skin, but it does not have as thick of a consistency of moisturizer or ointment. The moisturizer needs to be applied immediately following a bath or shower.  

  3. Skip the caffeine. Caffeine can increase the likelihood that you will experience dry and irritated skin. Ideally, you should drink water and other caffeine fluids to stay hydrated. To further protect your skin, you should consider drinking more fluids until your treatment is complete.  

  4. Avoid over-the-counter acne medications. Acne breakouts are common during skin cancer treatment. However, over-the-counter medications usually contain acids that can prove harmful and lead to increased fragility of the skin. If you experience a breakout, talk to your doctor about a prescription drug.  

  5. Switch to satin bedding. One of the most uncomfortable experiences you can have is your skin being tugged or pulled by the bedding. Satin bedding provides a smoother feel against your skin and can be soothing when you are experiencing irritation.  

  6. Use ice to soothe your skin. Scratching your skin is absolutely out of the question during the treatment. The increased fragility of your skin combined with the scratching could lead to a serious injury. Ice can offer the relief that you need from itchy skin without injuring your skin. 

  7. Skip the waxing. Until your treatment is complete, avoid using chemical products and waxing to remove unwanted hairs. Both are too harsh on the skin.  

  8. Protect your lips. If you are going outdoors in the sunlight, not only should you try to cover your arms and legs, you should remember the more sensitive areas of your face, such as your lips. There are sun protectants that are specially made for the lips. Do not use products with petroleum jelly in them.  

Talk to a center such as Center Of Dermatology PC/Herschel E Stoller MD about other protective methods you can use for your skin throughout your treatment.