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What To Know About Teaching Cosmetology

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When individuals think of careers in cosmetology, it can be easy to focus almost exclusively on the client-facing side of this career. However, it is important to understand that a career teaching cosmetology can also be a highly rewarding career to pursue, and it may be a better option for those that enjoy this field but dislike working with clients on a one-on-one basis.

What Are The Requirements To Teach Cosmetology?

It is often assumed that anyone that is licensed cosmetologist will be able to get a job teaching this field. However, many institutions that offer cosmetology classes will have strict requirements for their teaching staff to have ample experience working with clients. Often, this will be measured in either the years working in the career or the total number of hours that have been billed. Furthermore, many of these facilities will also require their teachers to be certified in cosmetology instruction. These requirements are necessary to ensure that the teachers for the school are able to adequately prepare the students for the challenges that they will face.

What Should You Expect From Cosmetology Teacher Training?

Becoming a certified cosmetology teacher will require you to attend classes and complete an exam. While this can take some time to complete, these courses will provide you with a basic understanding of the teaching techniques that you can use to help train your students. Additionally, these courses will provide you with a refresher on topics that you may have covered in school but rarely used in your career. The exact course offerings will vary, and you may want to tour potential schools before you decide which school to attend. Typically, these courses can be completed in a few months, but the exact time will depend on whether you are attending these training courses on a full-time or part-time basis.

What Are The Job Prospects For Those Looking To Teach Cosmetology?

Job security is one of the most important factors for individuals that are considering changing careers. However, many people will assume that it is extremely difficult to obtain a job as a cosmetology teacher. Yet, it is common for even medium-sized cities to have numerous cosmetology schools. Additionally, many instructors will find that they still have the time to pursue a side business practicing cosmetology for clients. As a result, individuals that are certified to teach cosmetology may find that they have more options than individuals that simply have a license to practice this profession. 

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