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The Guide For The Winter Dress Wear You've Been Looking For

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Winter and dress wear just doesn't seem to mix well. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to still dress up this winter season without skipping out on wearing a gorgeous dress. Here is the ultimate guide for dress wear you've been looking for: 

  • Velvet is the Go-To: Velvet is great material for the winter season because it keeps you warm while also giving you a nice, shimmery touch. The biggest benefit of velvet for winter wear is that it comes in many different colors. Plus, you have the option of choosing long sleeve or half sleeve, which is commonly seen in velvet dresses, so if you're looking to stay warmer, you are not going to have a hard time finding those sleeve options. 
  • Knit Wear for a Casual Look: If you are looking for something a bit more casual, knit dresses can also work great. These are definitely the warmest and coziest options, but that doesn't mean that they don't lose that dressy look you are going for. You can find knit dresses that have a slit at the bottom, flowery sleeves, and more. The options are essentially limitless. 
  • Pair With Leggings: Knitwear is great to pair with leggings to keep extra warm. With velvet dresses, you might want to go for tights instead to keep that shimmery and classic look. Leggings or tights though, it's a great way to stay warm while also keeping your legs looking slim and well fitted with the dress of your choice. 
  • Pair With Long Coat: For even more warmth should it be needed, you can even pair any dress with a coat that is just as long as the dress itself. This way, you don't lose that elongated appearance that you are going for with the dress. A long coat keeps it looking flowy and dressed up. 
  • Pair With a Large Necklace: Finally, you are going to want to consider pairing your dress with a large necklace. Winter dresses tend to a bit plain, so dressing it up with a large necklace can bring more life to the look and match with the more bulky outerwear you need to wear to stay warm. 

With these tips, you can definitely rock a winter look in a dress without ending up sitting by the fire all night to stay warm or coming pretty much dressed in long johns because there was nothing else in your dress collection that could keep you comfortable.

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