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3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Spray Tan

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It used to be that everyone would either head outside or to a tanning bed to get tan. But, luckily, there are now other ways that you can get tan without having to expose your skin to the sun's harsh rays. Specifically, you can go to a tanning salon and either get an airbrush tan or you can get a spray tan from a booth. An airbrush tan is something that's usually done by a professional, whereas a tanning booth is done in, you guessed it, a booth. But if you are worried about coming out of your spray tan looking blotch or orange, don't be because this article has a few tips for you.

Shave Before

One thing to know about getting a spray tan is that although it's easy to get one done, there are a few things that you will have to do to prep before. One of the things that you should do is shave right before. Why? Because if you shave right after you get a tan, the tan will naturally come off with your razor. Whereas if you shave beforehand, you will not have to worry about it. Plus, hopping in the shower beforehand will also help you keep the tan on your skin longer without having to wash it off. 

Exfoliate Before

Another way for your tan to go on smoothly is to get rid of dead dry skin all across your body with an exfoliating scrub or an exfoliating sponge. When you are in the shower shaving your legs, just reach for an exfoliating scrub and rub it all over your body. Good exfoliating scrubs to look out for are sugar ones because they are all natural and won't necessarily clog your pores. 

Go Naked

You may be a little embarrassed to go into a spray tan naked, but the tanners have seen it all. Plus, if you go into a booth, nobody will see you. The benefit of getting a spray tan without clothes on is that you won't have to worry about tan lines or anything like that. 

A spray tan is a great way to get a tan complexion without having to worry about the risk of cancer. As long as you do the prep work and find a good salon to go to, you should come to with a tan glow that looks all natural and streak free.