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Looking To Hire An Editorial Makeup Service? Important Factors To Consider When Hiring A Professional

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Editorial makeup services are different than other types of makeup services. An editorial look is meant to be bold, and is usually used in magazines, fashion shots, or product ads. The makeup look is usually not something that people would wear in their day to day lives, but instead, is meant to be edgy, unique, and possibly correlate to a product or designer that is being advertised. If you are looking to do an editorial photo shoot, you may be looking for an editorial makeup service or artist to assist you. Here are a few of the factors you should consider as you look to hire a makeup artist for editorial services. 

What Their Training Is

One of the factors to consider as you go about hiring an editorial makeup artist is what their training is. You want an artist who has done editorial makeup work before. It is very different than doing makeup for weddings, prom or other formal events. Many makeup and cosmetic companies have begun to offer editorial makeup training. Look for an artist who has formal training, or at the very least, a lot of experience with editorial makeup. 

Whether Their Portfolio Speaks to You

As you look to hire a professional for editorial makeup services, you should ask to see their portfolio. You want to see if the style and aesthetic of the makeup design speaks to you. Makeup is an art form and every makeup artist has their own unique tricks and characteristics that are portrayed in their work. If their portfolio does not wow you or speak to you, keep looking until you find an artist's whose work does speak to you. 

What Their References Have to Say About Them

Lastly, be sure to talk to an editorial makeup artists' references. You want to ensure the artist shows up on time and is not difficult to work with. You will have a photography crew ready to go, so you need someone you can rely on to show up on time and complete makeup for your models without anything getting in the way, or it can create a negative ripple in many people's day. 

Unlike someone doing makeup for a regular person, editorial makeup is designed to photograph well and be worn for brief periods of time. As such, common questions, such as what brand of makeup do you use and how long will it stay, are not as important to editorial makeup artists. Asking the above questions will help guide you toward a great artist who can deliver the makeup look you want your model to wear.