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Skincare Training School: Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Program

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Is skincare training school the right next step for you? You're ready to start a new career, but you're not completely sure which direction to go. If you think a job in the beauty industry sounds like the perfect place to start, take a look at what you need to know about skincare specialist training.

What Type of Income Do You Expect to Earn?

Is financial independence an issue? If you expect to out-earn your spouse/significant other, want to make more than your current hourly wage or salary, or want a payscale that provides complete financial independence from a partner or a parent, think about how much you expect to earn. This involves reviewing your current finances and planning for the future—especially if you want to buy a house, rent a nicer apartment, purchase a car, or save money for your child's education.

In 2021 the median pay for a skincare specialist was $17.93 per hour or $37,300 annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These figures represent the average pay for all professionals in this field. An entry-level position may pay slightly less than the median pay, while a seasoned pro could make significantly more. 

The amount of money you earn annually also depends on where you work, the type of position you want, and your regional economy. To learn more about what you can expect out of the real-world pay for a skincare specialist in your local area, talk to someone who already works in the field. You may need to speak with a few different professionals to get a better idea of the pay scale for a skincare specialist in different working environments (such as day spas, hotels, salons, or other similar settings).

How Much Freedom Do You Need in Your Work Schedule?

Even though income is important, it isn't the only factor in your career choice or decision to get a skincare diploma. Before you select a school or educational/trade program, think about what type of schedule you want or need. Parents of young children or adult children who care for their parents may need a flexible schedule with the option to work some weekend days or weekday evenings. 

Again, skincare professionals work in a variety of environments. This makes it possible to find a schedule that meets your needs. If you want added freedom, consider working as a freelance makeup artist or contractor esthetician. These positions allow you to create your own schedule and work when it's convenient for you. 

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