Coping With Hair Loss

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3 Reasons To Invest In A Good Haircut And Color

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Everybody needs to get his or her hair cut at some point. Even if you have long hair, you should be getting your hair trimmed and shaped often. Some people put off getting a haircut because they are worried about the cost. Here are 3 reasons why a good haircut and color is worth the cost. 1. You “Wear” Your Hair Every Day Some people will go out and buy an expensive sweater without batting an eye, but refuse to get a good haircut. Read More»

4 Surprising Benefits Of Styling Hair For A Living

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If you’re trying to make a decision about your future career, why not consider styling hair? There are many reasons to think about this choice of career for yourself, some of which may be surprising. Consider a few of those reasons here: 1. You get paid every day When you work for a salon you may get a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck, but hairstylists usually get tips from their customers every day. Read More»