Coping With Hair Loss

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The Guide For The Winter Dress Wear You've Been Looking For

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Winter and dress wear just doesn’t seem to mix well. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to still dress up this winter season without skipping out on wearing a gorgeous dress. Here is the ultimate guide for dress wear you’ve been looking for:  Velvet is the Go-To: Velvet is great material for the winter season because it keeps you warm while also giving you a nice, shimmery touch. The biggest benefit of velvet for winter wear is that it comes in many different colors. Read More»

Are Fillers Right For You?

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There are many types of fillers on the market, including Juvederm, that can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you a tighter, more youthful appearance. Are fillers right for you? Use this guide to help you make your decision. Over-the-counter treatments have failed Spending money on over-the-counter treatments is likely the first thing you’ve tried to help reduce wrinkles or lines around your mouth, forehead, and eyes. Creams may help soften your skin and give you minimal results, but they don’t freeze the muscles that cause wrinkles or properly fill in deep lines that make you look older. Read More»

What To Know About Teaching Cosmetology

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When individuals think of careers in cosmetology, it can be easy to focus almost exclusively on the client-facing side of this career. However, it is important to understand that a career teaching cosmetology can also be a highly rewarding career to pursue, and it may be a better option for those that enjoy this field but dislike working with clients on a one-on-one basis. What Are The Requirements To Teach Cosmetology? Read More»

How To Remove Flat Moles With Skin Lightening Products

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Some women are self-conscious about moles. We live in a world where everyone expects you to be flawless. This obsession is so bad that people often photoshop their pictures to get rid of any blemishes. It is important to not go to the extreme to get rid of your moles. You should explore the different treatment options. Read on to find out how to remove flat moles with skin lightening products. Read More»

8 Ways To Protect Your Sensitive Skin During Cancer Treatment

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During treatment for skin cancer, your skin can be extremely sensitive. You are more likely to experience skin problems, such as rashes, inflammation, and redness. To lessen the effect of the treatment on your skin and to protect it from other elements that could potentially aggravate the sensitivity, here are a few things you can do.  Avoid scented skin care products. The alcohol that is often found in scented products can aggravate your condition. Read More»

4 Things To Consider Before Getting A Body Piercing

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If you’re looking to make a big change to your appearance, you may be considering investing in a body piercing. This can be a fun way to make a statement, and there are many different types of body piercings to choose from. If you’re thinking about a change like this, it’s important to make some considerations first. Keep reading to better understand what to consider before getting a body piercing.  Read More»