Coping With Hair Loss

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Why You Shouldn't Attempt A Do-It-Yourself Mole Removal

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When many people decide that they want a mole removed, they contact a local skin care professional to make an appointment. Generally, this first appointment will provide the skin care professional with a chance to assess the mole. If removal is the best course of action, you can then set an appointment for this procedure. This is the proper approach to deal with this issue, but other individuals may have a do-it-yourself mindset. Read More»

Opening A Home Salon? What Are Your Equipment Financing Options?

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Opening a home salon can come with a range of financial benefits, from avoiding potentially costly rent hikes to minimizing your transportation expenses to allowing you to take a home business deduction. However, when it comes to financing your home salon, you may be wondering about your options. Learn more about some of the ways you can finance the equipment you need to transform your home into a full-service beauty salon. Read More»