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Why You Shouldn't Attempt A Do-It-Yourself Mole Removal

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When many people decide that they want a mole removed, they contact a local skin care professional to make an appointment. Generally, this first appointment will provide the skin care professional with a chance to assess the mole. If removal is the best course of action, you can then set an appointment for this procedure. This is the proper approach to deal with this issue, but other individuals may have a do-it-yourself mindset. If you've read about DIY mole removal online or have even seen certain products available to help you with this work, you might feel tempted. Here are some reasons that you should see a professional, rather than attempt a DIY mole removal.

A Professional Will Test The Mole

There are many different reasons that people want their moles removed. While some people do so simply for cosmetic reasons, others are concerned about the look of a mole. For example, if a mole has changed in appearance, a dermatologist will often remove it because of the threat of cancer. When you remove a mole yourself, you obviously won't be able check the mole in any way afterward. Conversely, a dermatologist will remove it and then test it for cancer. Should cancer be present, the medical professional will further assess you to ensure that the cancer did not spread.

A Professional Won't Cause You Pain

When you see a professional to remove one of your moles, you can be confident that the procedure will not be painful. The dermatologist will use a local anesthetic at the site of the procedure, ensuring that he or she can cut the mole away from your skin without you feeling it. A do-it-yourself attempt has a risk of being painful or uncomfortable to some degree, depending on the device that you buy and/or the steps that you take.

A Professional Can Look At Other Moles

Even if you have one particular mole that you wish to remove, there's a good chance that you have other moles throughout your body. Often, a professional will assess each of the major moles to determine which are the best candidates for removal. You might have your mind set on removing one mole that is in a visible area, without necessarily realizing that another mole could be problematic. This could result in you neglecting a mole that you might not be able to see well — one that is on the center of your back, for example. Contact a local dermatology clinic or other qualified professional to learn more about mole removal.