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3 Best Spa Treatments To Get Before Your Wedding

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Your upcoming wedding should be one of the most beautiful and spiritual events of your lifetime. These spa treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty, relax your tense muscles and instill in you a sense of peace and happiness on your wedding day. 


Knowing that all eyes will be on your face on your wedding day, a facial is an important spa treatment to get before you get married. Facials are meant to clean, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Facials bring out the great beauty in skin. Facials also release toxins from the skin, to treat skin conditions like acne. The typical facial will start with a consultation with a qualified esthetician. He or she will design your facial for your specific skin type and needs. After your consultation, your facial treatment will begin. Your facial may involve some combination of steam treatment, extraction, facial massage, exfoliation and facial mask.

Facials, while relaxing and good for your skin, can also be somewhat harsh on sensitive skin. In addition, the release of toxins associated with facials can cause a breakout. For this reason, you'll want to avoid getting your facial within a week of your wedding. Give your skin time to heal and rejuvenate before the wedding takes place. 


Massages are the most popular treatment at many spas for a reason. After all, what could be better for your beauty and happiness than a relaxing hour with a qualified massage therapist? In addition to the fact that massages improve circulation and lubricate the skin, massages also relax your tense muscles in the days and weeks before your wedding occurs. Though joyful, weddings can be stressful in the planning stages. Taking time for a massage at this time in your life will help you to remain centered and calm. 

Salt Glow and Body Wrap

The salt glow and body wrap combination is another way to make your skin shine in your wedding dress. A salt glow involves being rubbed with a mixture of salts and sweet scented oils, to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Once this is done, the body wrap begins. Usually this involves a whole-body application of a product (like clay, algae or mud), which is then left to soak in for a length of time. At the end of the body wrap, the product is removed with a relaxing shower.

Different body wraps are designed for different purposes and are typically tailored to the individual. Some body wraps are meant to be slimming, others hydrating and others still may be exfoliating. Either way, the body wrap is a great way to address your skin's needs.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! With the right treatments, you'll be looking beautiful and feeling relaxed as you walk down the aisle. Call your spa, such as Professional Spa, before your wedding day to find out what other treatments they recommend before the big event.