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3 Benefits To Water Jet Massage

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Do you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, or cardiovascular issues? If so, you may benefit from a unique massage therapy method called water jet massage, also known as hydro massage. Water jet massage involves a special massage bed with powerful jets. The jets push streams of water against your body, placing strategic points of pressure against your skin and muscles. In most cases, you sit submerged in a pool of hot water while getting the massage. In others, you lay on a plastic membrane, which prevents the water from coming in contact with your body. In those dry massages, you can actually keep your clothes on since you won't get wet. Here are three ways in which you may benefit from water jet massage:

Reduced pain and soreness. Just as is the case with traditional massage, a water jet massage helps to relieve muscle pain and stiffness by placing pressure on specific muscle groups. That can help your body to work through tenderness and other muscle aches. However, water jet massage also adds the element of heat. The water is generally heated up to a very high temperature, which can improve circulation and get more blood and oxygen to sore and achy muscles.

Additionally, if you do the version where you sit in the water, you may get the benefit of weightlessness, depending on how submerged you are. That weightlessness can relieve pressure from your joints and bones.

Improved cardiovascular performance. If you have heart problems and poor circulation, water massage therapy could be beneficial. The heat from the water jets could help to improve your blood flow, increasing your circulation and helping your heart. Regular sessions may help your heart pump more efficiently and the therapy could be a helpful compliment to other cardiovascular treatments.

Better sleep. There also may be benefits to getting water jet therapy in the evening, shortly before you prepare for bed. If you suffer from insomnia or sleep problems, water jet massage could offer relief. First, there's the benefit of pain and stiffness relief. If pain is what's keeping you awake, water jet massage may be a good solution.

However, there's also the drop in temperature that you'll experience after the massage. During the massage, your body will heat up due to the hot water. After you get out, though, your body will cool down as it adjusts to its natural surrounding environment. Very often, the body takes a drop in temperature as an indicator for sleep. Your body may start to wind down, helping you get to sleep more easily.

For more information, contact a spa, gym, or therapy office such as Cloud 9 Float Spa in your area that offers water jet massage. They can help you decide if it's an appropriate treatment for you.